Best Italian In Brisbane

Italian Restaurants Brisbane
July 8, 2013

Best Italian In Brisbane

Could it be the Best Italian in Brisbane?

Giardinetto Italian Restaurant, Fortitude Valley.Best Italian in Brisbane

Since 1966, Giardinetto Italian Restaurant has been counted among the Best Italian in Brisbane.  Currently owned and run by Jaga McGuinness, Giardinetto has retained its’ authenticity since Jaga has taken the reins. Jaga began his apprenticeship with the original owners, and then spent some time working and travelling overseas.  He says working in some of the restaurants overseas

was the hardest work he’d ever done.  Sometimes he even had to sleep on the floor between shifts as there wasn’t time to get home and then get back to the restaurant!  But he learnt the craft originally during his apprenticeship at Giardinetto and now, years later he owns and runs the restaurant.  He takes pride that the restaurant is still going strong afer 47 years.

Famous for it’s Tiramisu and some consider the best seafood pizza anywhere, Giardinetto certainly remains high on the list for the Best Italian in Brisbane.  Call today and make your reservation – see if you agree that Giardinetto Italian Restaurant deserves to be on the Best Italian in Brisbane list!

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